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Algorithms Built
Using Tradequiry
Total Returns from User Created Algorithms
Hours of Simulated
and Live Trading
318% y/y
Best Yielding Algorithm Created by Our Users
What is Tradequiry

We are enabling algorithmic
trading for everyone, not just the experts.

Visually build your algorithms by dragging and dropping logic blocks. Simulate with realtime market data before taking it live with an integrated broker.

Tradequiry empowers the average investor with the benefits of trading algorithms without the required skillset of programming. We use a drag and drop block system allowing anyone to create simple or complex trading on the fly.

Get start free with sample algorithms, or use algorithms created by other users with results from simulated or live market data.

visual algorithm building

Just drag and drop to create advanced algorithms

Choose from over 100 different types of conditional and action blocks, just fill in your desired parameters and drop blocks to start building algorithms.

Minimize and even eliminate undesired risk through block based logic.

You have full control over what your algorithm does, there's no hidden logic. If your conditions are met, then your algorithm will execute. Test your algorithm in our simulated trading enviornment before taking it live with your connected broker.

An algorithm loving community

Share your results and earn additional cash by listing your algorithm on the marketplace

Once you've created a money making algorithm, it's time to share your creation with the world. Share your detailed algorithm results and returns without revealing your secret sauce.

After running your algorithm for the required simulation and live time, list your algorithm on the marketplace and earn extra cash. Explore other user created algorithms and even use them for yourself!

Secured Broker Connection

Link your broker and use your algorithm with live trading

Making the switch from our simulated trading enviornment to a live trading enviornment couldn't be any simpler. Just securely authenticate with your broker, and switch your algorithm to live trading!

All algorithms are required to meet strict risk and statistical criteria before going live in order to protect you against potential risk. Your algorithm must have at least 200 hours of simulated trading, a positive gain to loss ratio, and a risk profile greater than -15%.

Tradequiry takes security and privacy as our highest priority, please read more below about how we protect and keep your data safe.

Why Tradequiry


Bank-grade Security
Your security is our priority

We use 256-bit standard encryptiom and follow SOC 2 compliance. Brokerage information is always fully encrypted and credentials are never stored by Tradequiry or shared with third parties. Network penetration tests are performed regularly.

Reliable & Quick
Infrastructure you can rely on

Tradequiry's priority is optimization, speed, and scale. Our systems are highly reliable with an uptime of 99.91%. Your algorithms are optimized to be run quick and execute orders as fast as possible.

Saving you money
Start building algorithms free

Tradequiry starts free for all users, just create an account, and start building and testing your algorithms. We cover our expenses through small commissions from marketplace algorithm sales.

Fair, as prices should be

Pricing & Plans

Tradequiry believes that everyone should have access to trading algorithms. Our pricing covers expenses, and nothing more.

Up to 5 Algorithms Access to 100+ drag and drop blocks Unlimited Backtesting Simulated Trading Sell on the marketplace
$30 /mo
Fully Unlimited Usage
Unlimited Algorithms Access to 100+ drag and drop blocks Request custom blocks Unlimited Simultaneous Running Algorithms Live Trading with Broker Integration

Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

With a simple drag and drop pre-set rules to create your own unique trading algorithm. These algorithms can be directly synced with your preferred broker so that you no longer need to do manual trading. Just build your custom algorithm and automate returns.

No, Tradequiry was made in mind for those traders that want automated trading but don’t have the time or resources to hire a programmer. No prior programming experience is necessary, just drag your commands and start automating.

The Tradequiry dashboard will provide analytics and tools to track the performance of your algorithm. You may define stop blocks and limit risk levels with certain provided blocks.

Tradequiry’s dashboard includes a trading simulator that allows for back testing against real time market data. This allows to learn the bots general trading style before you take it live. In the simulated environment the algorithm will display its potential.